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“The whole thing is like ‘This is an elite group,’” Wachs adds.

“To me it seems like everything within the Ivy league that you don’t want, that makes people kind of pretentious a-holes.” Ho argues accusations of elitism are misguided.

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The League’s admissions system, she says, is open to people from all sorts of backgrounds, to the beautiful and the damned and everyone in between.

Villavicencio’s search led him to The League, a dating app increasingly popular among Harvard students that aims to deliver you from the Sisyphean rolodex of uninspired bachelors and bachelorettes on Tinder. Intelligently,” which tells you a lot about The League’s approach to dating apps, its appeal to the students of the Ivy League whose name it echoes, and why it has faced numerous allegations of elitism. Users are selected through a rolling application for “ambition”—a quality determined from your Facebook and Linked In (yes, actually)—and matches are created by an algorithm that factors in interests and career goals.But he says discrimination can be seen as a natural preference in dating, which is “unfortunately more reflective of our society and culture rather than anything that’s inherent about The League.” “Even if you don’t allow to filter by this, people are still going to be doing that,” he says.Other students, though, say there is something nonetheless unsettling about the instantiation of discriminatory sexual preferences into a dating app that prides itself on exclusivity. Wachs ’18, who is on the The League’s 13,000 person long Boston waitlist—there is a waitlist; are you surprised? This week, we’re doing something a little different.Instead of the usual dating advice, we’re having two guests stopping by to share their experiences and advice.Free membership to one of the largest dating communities of 3 million singles with 1 to 1 customer support.

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