Wpf combobox selectedindex not updating

I see at least 3 solutions to your issue: 1- Make your grid a bit bigger until it fits. Is Selected) Selection Changed was the problem: In C# WPF, why is my Tab Control's Selection Changed event firing too often? wpf,xaml,clickable,expander I found a way of doing it, with code behind. The final code for the asynchronous load looks like: private void Load Async(object sender, Do Work Event Args e)...2- Put 2 columns in your grid, you'd put the number on the left column and the % on the... I put my Expander in a Canvas and I added to my Expander two events: Expanded="search Menu Expander_Expanded" and Collapsed="search Menu Expander_Collapsed" which are defined as: private void search Menu Expander_Expanded(object sender, Routed Event Args e) private void search Menu Expander_Collapsed(object sender, Routed Event Args e) { Canvas. wpf,storyboard,wpf-controls,routed-events You may use a Double Animation instead of an Object Animation Using Key Frames. wpf,wpf-controls What you can do is create the Stack Panel in the xaml markup itself with the Visibility set to Collapsed and just toggle the visibility of the Stack Panel on the check event of Check Box c#,wpf,printing,drawingvisual In WPF, you can't even draw something in pixel units without at least some extra effort.wpf,datatemplate,datatrigger,2-way-object-databinding Your answer can be found in the Dependency Property Value Precedence page on MSDN.In short, you have set a local value on the Is Open property and that has a higher precedence than the value set by the Trigger.c#,wpf,xaml,datagrid,custom-controls I had to remove the section from the style for the Data Grid to properly layout and created the column in code.protected override void On Initialized(Event Args e) private Data Grid Template Column _clone Column; private Data Grid Template Column Clone Column { get { if (_clone Column == null)...

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If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. string[] files; private void Button_Click1(object sender, Routed Event Args e) //BROWSE BUTTON { Microsoft. c#,wpf,printing You can utilize the utilize the Print Document class, which is not WPF specific. The Print Page event should be handled, where you utilize the Print Page Event Args to obtain a Graphics context; which is used to draw the exam to the printer output.... c#,entity-framework,mvvm I believe you're on the right track with POST.GET is much more simplier: public Action Result Create() The GET request requests server to provide empty form, which is filled...I can make it work on Selected Item, but if I bind to a property (integer) and change the property, nothing happens to the Combo Box (it's not being updated to reflect the new Selected Index). Customer Account Name Usage ID) is not a valid reference even though that reference is a valid property in my datacontext (UICustomer Info).Seems odd considering Text Box binding works find with Path=Object. This thread looks to be a little on the old side and therefore may no longer be relevant.

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