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Because it's flatly impossible to have the Brigadier retiring before he's even become the Brigadier, a fundamental discrepancy indisputably exists in televised Doctor Who narratives. See Lost and found Lost my Freifunkpulli (Black Hoodie, "Freifunk" written on left side of Chest) at the electric Cube, i suppose.Viewers got no dialogue with a firm year for the whole of the Third Doctor's era.In Pyramids of Mars, however, it is claimed several times that Sarah Jane Smith is from "1980", and they briefly revisit the year.The Enfolded Time solves the UNIT dating controversy stating that due to the Doctor's numerous visits to the 1970s and 1980s in his faulty TARDIS, the two decades merged into one making 20 years of history happen in 10 and the obvious mix around of some of this history.Though replete with additional nuance, the nub of the narrative problem is easy to grasp.

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Here, he meets the Second Doctor, Jamie, Victoria and crucially, Professor Edward Travers.In a later adventure, called The Invasion, the Second Doctor again encounters the newly-promoted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.The Brigadier says their last meeting was "four years ago now", ostensibly putting The Invasion approximately in 1979.Whatever the case, her statement is not a clear violation of the continuity established by The Web of Fear.It does, however, indicate that the following "contemporary" stories of The Android Invasion and The Hand of Fear would have to take place in or after 1980 as Sarah encounters Harry and leaves in the two stories, respectively.No television story actually featuring UNIT gives a clear year. It implies at one point that Jo Grant had just said the year, but Terrance Dicks was keen to keep the dating deliberately vague.

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