Whos dating viggo mortensen

He’s getting kinda old, but Harrison Ford is up there too—I mean come on, the dude played Indiana Jones and Han Solo. I’ve always thought Clooney was a prima donna, and had that “manufactured look” like boy bands and most of the rappers being promoted out there these days.In fact, I feel that way about nearly all male celebrities. I thought I was the only one who had the hots for Joseph Gordon Levitt.I thought it might be interesting to see what men men find attractive.I often hear women talk about other women they find attractive but I never hear men make similar remarks towards other men. Please describe him if he is not a celebrity, and why you find him/them foxy! He comes off as a genuine dude you’d want to drink a beer and watch a game with.I’m really not sexually attracted to these guys in the least, but more of a genuine admiration for being the prototypical male. I thought he was beautiful when he had super long hair, when he was a teenager on Third Rock from the Sun!I think David Beckham has that generic look that someone up there said George Clooney had. I don’t think he is Asian at all (maybe I’m wrong) but I always thought he looked a little bit like Sean Lennon, another hottie favorite.

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In fact, searching for a photo of the duo proves to be a challenge.She kinda looks like my Fran Drescher, but with 2 noticeable differences. I’m personally more of a Marc Andre Fleury kinda girl. Does no one else, man or woman, have the hots for Mulder but I?!?!?(jizzed in my pants while inserting link, btw) @Will Work For Chocolate and @downtide I rode in a elevator with Viggo once..” but then he pulls off his helmet and his beautiful golden locks flow all over the place (just like in a Breck commercial), and I think I had my first teenaged O! Jodie Kidd Helena Christensen Sienna Miller 2001 Kate Bosworth 2003 - 2006 Tara Lipinski 2004 Vanessa Minnillo 2005 Penelope Cruz 2006 Kirsten Dunst 2006 Claire Danes 2006 Uma Thurman 2006 Miranda Kerr 2007 Naomie Harris 2007 - Present as of September 15, 2007 Lauren Conrad 2007 Wow! Almost all of these women have photos on the internet barely clothed! Isn't there a name for women who take off there clothes for money (fortune and fame) ? Hope he gets the chance to "drop a few seeds" before winter arrives! We were both waiting for it, standing side by side.

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