Whos dating shailene woodley


Sumita loves to enjoy the small pleasures of life and believes in living in the present moment and attitude of gratitude.Baking, glass painting, involving in social work,spending time with her family, watching people, reading spiritual books, dancing, practicing Yoga makes her happy.Though sources close to the couple state that the two are very much together and strong and not affected by their relationship rumors, but it is unknown whether the relationship rumors about the budding relationship between Theo James and his on screen partner Woodley could possibly be the reason for such delay.It is quite understandable that being constantly under the public eye can some time be tiring and it can take a toll on the relationship of the stars. However, the “Allegiant” actor is very confident when it comes to his professional relationship with Woodley.Also Read: ‘DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT’ MOVIE: PROMISES TO KEEP THEO JAMES AND SHAILENE WOODLEY TOGETHER!However, considering the fact that internet crowd always looks for some rumors it, wouldn’t be surprising if the rumors regarding the relationship between Woodley and James comes up again soon.Sources are of the opinion that being an actress herself Kearney would surely understand the attention that her husband would receive and all that comes along with becoming a popular star.The reason why Shailene Woodley and Theo James are subject to so much of speculation is because of their onscreen chemistry which is reportedly amazing.

The speculations increased further when the couple did not thrown any highlight about how they were spending their holidays.

James has just completed the shoot of Hugo Boss’ Scent advertisement in between filming breaks for the two-part “Divergent: Allegiant,” the concluding movies of the “Divergent” trilogy.

Latest reports also indicate that instead of simply being called as “Divergent: Allegiant Part 1” and “Divergent: Allegiant Part 2,” the concluding movies of the Divergent series will be “Divergent: Allegiant” and “Divergent: Ascending,” respectively.

James just mentioned once that he would like to spend it with his family in England.

We assume that the much needed break during the holiday season would surely give the couple some time to sort things out between them.

Though the rumors of the affair between Shailene Woodley and Theo James seem to have died down after the “Allegiant” actor announced his engagement with his long time girl friend, Ruth Kearney, there seem to be some fresh developments.

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