Who is reed timmer dating


As a veteran meteorologist, he has also designed some storm chasing vehicle named the Dominator 1 in 2007, Dominator 2 in 2011 and the third one in April 2013.Reed Timmer has a net worth that is sufficient to provide him a deluxe lifestyle.Quick Info: His braveness and manipulative communication techniques have hypnotized million of his female viewers.He has seducing grayish eyes with silky brown hair.Ginger Zee is a new addition to Reed Timmer's team TVN this year.An Emmy-winning weathercaster for NBC 5 in Chicago, Illinois, Ginger's passion for extreme weather began while growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan.Career Timeline: Timmer was also starred on “Storm Chasers” for Discovery Channel as well as in the 2006 movie “Tornado Glory” released by PBS.

Reed Timmer’s net worth of 0 thousand dollars whereas he is paid handsome salary by Accu Weather.

Before he was in a relationship with former WKRG meteorologist Jene Young.

Timmer was born on 17 March 1980 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.

His height is measured 6 feet with the weight of 68 kilos.

With age, he looks more matured and more energetic.

His body perfectly justifies shirtless outlook showing off his muscles and abs on the beach.

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