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In 2005–06, he recorded 12 points in a 52-game rookie campaign.

In 2006–07, he improved to 56 points in 68 games, where he was later drafted by the Canadiens in the off-season at the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

“It’s nothing new.”Just 21, Jordan is probably a year or two, at least, from getting his chance to play for the Canucks. He tries not to counsel either brother too much, lest he be overbearing.

is what the little voice in my head is saying as I recite his words of advice.

I had the pleasure of seeing PK pretty much everyday for the last few months.

Coverage was typically hard to miss over the years in Montreal given P. His move to Nashville, which boasts one of the league’s top defence contingents, should ensure quieter days ahead.“Obviously he likes the positive attention,” Malcolm said.

“The negative, he understands that it comes with it.

“Including him.”Malcolm and Jordan are both keen trackers of their brother’s career and hope to join him one day soon in the NHL in what would be the league’s latest brother combo.

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