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The New York Times ran a story in 1995 headlined The Conception, Production And Distribution Of Julia Ormond.‘Yes, I was criticised for Sabrina.

People asked why remake something that was a classic.

The appearance lasting a few seconds quickly began trending on Twitter, generating thousands of mentions.She had been thrust into superstardom, but it suited her like an ill-fitting dress.Her rise was so sudden it was inevitable that she would be taken down a peg or two.Other people say that it was a wrong decision to do it, but I say if Sydney Pollack offered me a job in a romantic comedy with Harrison Ford I’d do it — and I loved the script.’When, early in her career, Ormond played Cathy in a Sheffield Crucible production of Wuthering Heights, she fell in love with her Heathcliff, actor Rory Edwards, and they got engaged within a few weeks.The marriage officially ended in 1994, just before her stratospheric rise. She would have liked more children, but at 46 she says this is not likely.The film ran into problems, fuelled by Monroe’s erratic behaviour and lateness on set, exacerbated by her addiction to alcohol and prescription medication. Vivien Leigh, an astonishing beauty who had shot to stardom in Gone With the Wind, was by then manically depressed, volatile, unpredictable, brazenly promiscuous and jealous of any woman who came near her husband.

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