Who is diego gonzalez dating


The couple begins to date, starting an on-again, off-again romance that would last for years.

Late 1990s: Perry becomes a star running back for the Santiago High School football team until his senior year, when he is ruled ineligible because of poor grades.

March 28, 2006: Perry pleads guilty to first-degree murder in exchange for a promise of a life with parole eligibility if he testifies truthfully against Paz.

July 31, 2006: Jury selection begins in Paz’s murder trial.

Perry drives up shortly after midnight, forces Gonzalez out of the car and shoots him twice. 12-13, 2003: Orange County sheriff’s investigators question and arrest Perry and Paz after learning about the love triangle.

That finding saved Paz, 24, of Garden Grove, from a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. Stotler will now impose a mandatory 25-years-to-life sentence on Dec. However, Perry’s performance on the witness stand caused jurors to question whether Paz intended to have Gonzalez killed when she enticed him to an isolated home construction site in Orange Park Acres with a promise of sex.

Perry testified that he waited by prior agreement with Paz at the construction site so he could surprise Gonzalez with a handgun.

But she said she was sad Paz will have a chance for parole.

“She still has her life, but my son is never coming home,” Sanchez Gonzalez said. Never.” Timeline Mid-1990s: Brandan Dante Perry and Veronica Paz meet while both are attending Portola Middle School.

The first-degree murder was overturned in 2008 by the 4th District Court of Appeal, who ruled that her jury was given erroneous instructions.

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