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Joshua Beckman of Harvard Medical School pointed out, that Mom was right when she gave us the same advice.One exception to the advice about walking: if you feel any symptoms of a heart attack, run (well, maybe not literally!

He also recommended drinking two glasses of wine per day with meals; eating a big breakfast; and eating off of smaller plates.They came up with an unleavened whole wheat bread called notamusica made out of durum wheat, a type of cheese made from grass-fed animals so the cheese is high in Omega-3 fatty acids instead of Omega-6 fatty acids from corn-fed animals, and a type of wine that has three times the level of polyphenols than any known wine in the world. But the real secret I think lies more in the way that they organize their society.And one of the most salient elements of the Sardinian society is how they treat older people.Because the land is so infertile they largely are shepherds, which occasions regular, low-intensity physical activity.Their diet is mostly plant-based, accentuated with foods that they can carry into the fields.You ever notice here in America, social equity seems to peak at about age 24? Here in Sardinia, the older you get the more equity you have, the more wisdom you're celebrated for.

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