Who is anthony cumia dating

" The show hosts gave detailed instructions regarding how to rub the telephone across the girl's pubic area.

Anthony: As you were just holding her down and fucking her. The show hosts called the game, "Teen Guess What's In My Pants?

, exploded into a hours-long, racist rant on his Twitter feed last night after he was allegedly attacked by a woman and a group of men in Times Square. The second complaint includes excerpts from a song allegedly broadcast on the January 8, 2001 "Opie and Anthony Show." The excerpts were lyrics sung by a man who is "horny for little girls," liked girls between the ages of two and three, liked the girls' "round butts" and "liked to ram them." The second was in 2002 after their annual "Sex for Sam" stunt, in which they select couples to have sex in public places around New York City.

Cumia, along with his co-host Gregg "Opie" Hughes, have a long, sordid history in talk radio for their debauched antics, which have resulted in multiple FCC fines, suspensions, and outright firings over the years. radio station after an April Fools Day prank in which they reported that the city's mayor at the time, Thomas M. (Their stunt got them hired at another station in New York.) But most people are probably familiar with when the two were suspended from XM (before its merger with Sirius) in 2007 for 30 days after their "Homeless Charlie" segment, in which a homeless man the two dubbed Charlie expressed his desire to rape then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (and then First Lady Laura Bush). For "Sex for Sam 3," a couple called in saying they were having sex in a vestibule at St. The Catholic League, furious, demanded that Opie and Anthony be fired, and their station at the time, WNEW, obliged, cancelling their show (but paid them through the end of their contract). Following our post yesterday, a number of videos and audio clips demonstrating Cumia's racism have been sent our way.

Anthony: I just imagine the horror in Condoleezza Rice's face Opie: (Laughing) As she realizes what's going on. Anthony: That's exactly what I meant.(Laughter)The show hosts asked a seventeen-year-old girl to remove her panties and rub the telephone on her pubic hair.

In the video Cumia, in blackface, sings about OJ Simpson getting the electric chair.

It was our way of saying things were going well for us.…

One thing the two can agree on, as they told gained a large following on FM radio, where the duo became known for ticking off celebrities and dreaming up stunts like public-sex contests for fans.

In 2004, they moved to XM Satellite Radio, which became Sirius XM in a 2007 merger with Sirius Satellite Radio.

But Cumia's history of racism appears to be just as long and shocking as the stunts he participates in on his radio show. From the show, as lovingly Charlie: I tell you what. One, from 1994 and during the OJ Simpson trial, is a "parody" music video of Otis Redding's "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" made by Cumia's band Rotgut.

After each direction from the host, the station broadcast the sound of the telephone rubbing across the girl's pubic area.

“I never at one point thought Opie didn’t want to keep him.

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