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The album received a limited release in only a few countries.It received generally mixed reviews from critics when it was released, and Moore was continued to be compared to other teen pop singers.

The album received generally mixed reviews and was criticized on the basis that it was a remix album and not a true follow-up, In 2001, Moore began working on her third studio album, which was said to move away from the "bubblegum pop" sound she became known for.

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Amanda Leigh "Mandy" Moore (born April 10, 1984) is an American singer-songwriter and actress.

After signing with Epic Records, Moore began working on her debut album.

While recording the album, Moore had to leave Bishop Moore Catholic High School when she was only in the ninth-grade, but continued receiving her education from tutors.

Moore said during an interview with Billboard magazine that "All of the music has started to look and sound the same" and that she chose to move in a different musical direction.

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