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pic.twitter.com/f AEjiu2jg U I would love some dry erase markers, lined paper, tissues, Windex, paper towels, pencils -- you know, the things that make my job possible and often get funded out of my own pocket.

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#Our Future First #No Reason #bluewave2018 seanathom.com/dear_dccc_can_… HUMAN BODY: I can grow a fully formed human baby in like 9 months.

The fact that we are banning backpacks which hold books to educate our children, but not banning the guns that murder our children is a sad and accurate testament to the priorities in our country. So when kids die in a fire they limit, regulate or ban the material outright because it could harm the child again, you don't add more of it hoping next time the extra added will stop the other part from burning. (Note teachers in my district had to fight for a 1% pay increase this fall.) Dear America, Consider this: @real Donald Trump wants to give bonuses to teachers for carrying a gun but not for being great teachers.

Thank you @CBS6 for featuring me and our Richmond, Virginia #Black Panther Challenge. I am a highly effective teacher, but since I will refuse to carry a gun I won't get a bonus. #armmewith #trumps Edpolicies Dear @real Donald Trump, I am a highly effective teacher, but I won't carry a gun.

I was the kid with imaginary friends, the one that created these elaborate worlds and I would illustrate and write every moment I had free, outside of school work of course.

Growing up I needed a creative outlet to absorb my thoughts and redirect my focus from my surroundings.

But neither the philosopher nor the seller is responsible for anything.

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