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""Just ignore him, Troublesome Girl…"A vein popped in Dawn's forehead.""Hn." Paul ignored her and scanned the contents in his PokéDex.It took some threats and a LOT of pleading to get him to go with her and Barry."Thanks for coming with me, Barry!" Barry shouted, feeling all the enthusiasm and excitement in his blood."Dawn and Paul looked at each other and then Barry in confusion.

Dawn was still in Sinnoh until she decided to travel again.

While their Pokémon were resting and playing around with the children in the park, the three chatted with each other.

two people did."So we're gonna go to the next city by train, right?

Please don't make posts simply complaining that it is a demo.

Not all my submissions are demos, so please check those out too.

The modern day single does dating a bit differently.

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