Virtual 3d dating

This makes it appear as if you're wholly inside a 3D 'virtual' world.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, is where the glasses are see-through and you can still see the world around you, but an image is displayed in front of your eyes.

“We want to help people make unique characters quickly and easily and affordably,” said Morph 3D VP Berkley Frei.

That means you’ll be able to create a character that looks just like you, wears their hair just how your like it – they could even have your tattoos.

Our virtual future is coming, so you may as well look good.

Possibly the most exciting aspect of these new virtual worlds is the freedom of expression that comes with them.

If you feel you are born the wrong gender, your virtual self can reflect how you really are.

Think picking a shirt from your wardrobe is tough now? In the next few decades we’ll be interacting more and more in virtual worlds – you’ll meet colleagues in a virtual office, you’ll meet lovers on virtual dates.

Today there are already virtual workspaces, comedy clubs, and open mic nights.

VR headsets are mounted on the head in a similar way to Ski goggles, and completely block your view of the outside world.

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