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Later, Noah takes in the treats at Alabama's Oak Mountain Spring Fair.Starting with Dre's Barbeque Baked Potato, and moving onto cheese-stuffed gilled pork balls, jambalaya stuffed peppers and finishing up with Deep Fried Bread Pudding, it's southern comfort food with a fair flare!

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Housed in an art gallery, it entices our creativity to conceptualize a unique event, tailored specifically for each client.

Housed within the gallery, The Gallery Café has become a popular eating destination that has made it a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

With a focus on healthy, fresh, homemade, local, wholesome recipes, The Gallery Café delightfully and artistically creates lunches and desserts that will satisfy any appetite.

Dining in The Gallery Café is a step back into time where quality and homemade classics beckon your senses, with a creative twist on old-time favourites.

The Gallery Café has developed a strong reputation for the use of high-quality ingredients, and our home-cooked meals and desserts.

At The Gallery Café, our passion for food, creativity and quality does not go unnoticed. From Grandma’s Bread & Butter Pudding to Saskatoon Berry Pie – everything is home-made from scratch in our kitchens!

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