Validating train tickets in italy confidence building dating tips women

This is just another good reason to study your timetable online before arriving at the station.

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There are three types of Sometimes the hardest part is deciding when to purchase your ticket.When you buy a ticket for a regional train, you are essentially buying miles on the track rather than a specific ride.For example, if you are going to Pisa for the day, you can feel free to buy both your departure and return ticket at the same time.On the fast trains your seat is assigned, and we trust your seat-finding abilities. As you doze off to sleep after a long day in the Tuscan sun, confident that you won’t miss your stop, that empty seat across from you will seem to magically pull your feet up to rest upon it.Scary, terrible things that will happen to you if you put your feet on the seat across from you, or even up on your own. We’re here to warn you, you will get caught by the train police, and if you don’t have big eyelashes to bat (boys this one’s for you) you more than likely will get fined.After choosing your language, you will be easily led through the process of purchasing your ticket.

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