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This update has a number of new features (as listed in the Enterprise Mobility & Security blogpost) which include: You can update to the 1801 Tech Preview release via the Config Mgr console under the Updates & Servicing node.

The baseline version of the Technical Preview branch is now at version 1711 and available on the Tech Net Evaluation Center.

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(The module doesn’t distinguish between the cmdlets being available because they were locally loaded from the snap-in or from remoting.However, since this is the Technical Preview site and only used in a test environment, you can continue with the option, Upgrade without validating. The window below will show the stages of the upgrade process where you can monitor it’s progress.If there are any issues, you will see it listed here with a warning and the details provided in the description box in the bottom of the window.After the API is loaded, it will check for the Exchange cmdlets.If not loaded into the shell, it will retrieve a list of Exchange servers from Active Directory and attempt to connect to one until successful.Otherwise, you will need to address the issues before proceeding with the update.

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