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Then, Niels Kvaavik from Sprinklr, will show you how to use the latest digital technologies to deliver these messages to your audiences.

Niels will walk you through a framework of how to use what you already know about your audiences, to reach them more effectively using technology and the power of the social networks to deliver and measure the impact of your marketing your key messages.

Intended audience: This session is designed for practitioners involved in the strategic planning and implementation of communication strategies for social marketing programs.

It will be especially helpful to those looking for more effective methods to segment and target their audience on digital media.

The workshop will equip participants to: [1 intro - download] [2 The basics of Social Marketing - download] [3 SM adding value - download] [4 management and behaviour - download] [5 Selecting the right intervention mix - download] [6 Commissioning and Evaluation - download] [7 final summing up - download] [Handout masters - download] Half Day pre-workshop 15th May 2017 1 – 5 pm Title: How to develop effective evidence based programmes that influence positive social behaviour. Download the full workshop description and facilitator biographies here.

Jeff Jordan, President and Executive Creative Director at Rescue, a behavior change marketing company, will illustrate how to segment audiences using characteristics beyond demographics such as lifestyles, interests, and values.

Then, he’ll demonstrate how this advanced segmentation technique can be used to tailor messages more effectively.

Session content overview: Over the past 15 years, Nancy Lee and Philip Kotler have designed and refined a 10 Step Model for developing a Strategic Social Marketing Plan, and identified a principle for success at each step.

This half day workshop will present, for each step: a detailed description, an illustrative case example from around the world, and a principle for success.

Title: Developing a Social Marketing Plan to Succeed Intended audience: This session is targeted to those who want to learn more about the fundamental or core elements of social marketing and behaviour change strategies and how to implement them into program planning.

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