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An Account requires at least one User, so Account creation SHALL immediately be followed with User creation (that is, the invocation of the User Create API).

For the Web Portal, these steps MAY be combined into a single form. This allows Account deletion to be reversed (by changing the Account status to urn:dece:type:status:active).

Plone Intranet is the community edition of the Quaive digital workplace and social intranet platform, built on top of Plone - the ultimate open source enterprise CMS.

For more info about this product and how it is used, see our website at community edition developer documentation is available at Please request a free demo if you want to learn more about what our software can do.

If you’d rather have a Quaive expert install and manage the system for you, contact one of our partners to contract support.

This also gives you access to the enterprise edition, which has more features than the community edition.

See our blog and our Twitter stream or Facebook page for the latest status. Any contribution to this package implies consent and intent to irrevocably transfer all copyrights on the code you contribute, to the Plone Foundation, under the condition that the code remains under a OSI-approved license.

Experienced Plone developers can set up the system by following the documented installation procedure.

If you run into any issues, get in touch with the development team via the developer mailing list.

None of the statuses of any of the Account’s associated elements (for example, Users or Rights Tokens) SHALL be changed.

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