Updating sap kernel

Party List – Keyword -1 FSLSWC FT: Legal Control: Sanct.

Party List – Collected Key Words -1 FSYSTXT Name of File Description Syntax -1 FTULO Foreign Trade: Work Table for UPLOAD of Foreign Trade Data -1 FTUSE Foreign Trade: Control Table: User-dependent Settings -1 FVMK Marking File for Release of Std Cost Est in Company Code -1 GB01 Classes for Boolean Formulas -1 GB011 Rule Manager: 2D Structures in the Boolean Classes -1 GB01C Classes for Boolean Formulas for Customers -1 GB02 Valid Classes -1 GB02C Customer Message IDs for Validations -1 GB03 Validation/Substitution User -1 GB31 Validation/Substitution Callup Points -1 GB31C Boolean Rules: Form Pool Naming Range -1 GB90 Boolean Formula Header for Rules and Boolean Functions -1 GB901 Boolean Formula Data -1 GB903 Mapping of shortname and SETID of sets used in boolean expr.

data in QM -1 QPAC Inspection catalog codes for selected sets -1 QPAM Inspection catalog selected sets -1 QPCD Inspection catalog codes -1 QPCT Code texts -1 QPGR Inspection catalog code groups -1 QPGT Code group texts -1 QPRVK Sample-drawing procedure -1 QPRVP Sample-drawing items -1 QPSH Control chart types -1 QPSHT Texts for control chart types -1 QPSP SPC criterion -1 QPSPT Texts for SPC criteria -1 QPST Control chart track -1 QPSTT Texts for control chart tracks -1 QSTRLST List Configuration for Reporting Extended Withholding Tax -1 QSTRVAR Reporting Variants RFWTINT10 -1 QSTRVART Report Variants RFWTINT10 Texts -1 RCDEF Reconciliation: definition of movement type groups -1 RCDEFT Reconciliation: definition of movement type groups -1 RDTX Short text describing the rounding profile -1 REBR Batch Record: Overall Profile -1 REBR1 Batch Record: Layout Profile -1 REBR1T Batch Record: Layout Profile -1 REBR2 Batch Record: Layout Profile -1 REBR3 Batch Record: Profile for Deviation Analysis -1 REBR3T Batch Record: Profile for Deviation Analysis Text -1 REBR4 EBR: Inspection Scope of Insp.

Lot in Deviation Analysis -1 REBR5 Batch Record: Cover Page -1 REBR5T Batch Record: Cover Page Description -1 RF07 Withholding tax in Italy : Modello 770 – additional data -1 RFCATTRIB Administration table for RFC destinations -1 RFCCHECK Table for asynchronous RFC administration -1 RFCDES Destination table for Remote Function Call -1 RFCDESSECU SNC extensions for RFC destinations -1 RFCDOC Description of Possible RFC Connections (-RFCDES) -1 RFVIAUSZUG Test Data for RE Multicash Statement Data -1 RFVIBK01A Bank Procedure Test Data – A-Record -1 RFVIBK01C Bank Procedure Test Data – C-Record -1 RFVIBK01V Bank Procedure Test Data – C-Record – File Extension -1 RFVIUMSATZ Test Data for RE Multicash Sales Data -1 RGOFFICE Regional Tax Office -1 RGOFFICET Name of Regional Tax Office -1 RLIB_OBJS Reuse Library: Objects -1 RODELTAM BW Delta Process -1 ROVERCUSTA Attributes for Customers in Verification Scenario -1 RPM_TIMCV Working Time Unit Conversion -1 RPM_VALTYP_C RPM Value Type Customizing -1 RPM_VALTYP_DET x RPM Value Type Assignment -1 RSAUPROF Audit: Audit configuration parameters (audit profile) -1 RSD98 -1 SCAPPTTYPE Appointment type -1 SCAPTTXT Appointment type name -1 SCDTSYNC Synchronization Settings -1 SCMATREE Table: Tree Structure and Entries for Task List -1 SCMSCACHE Cache Properties -1 SCMSCACHT KPRO CMS: Cache Descriptions -1 SCMSCSPL Proxy for Content Server – Additional Locations -1 SCMSCSPX Proxy for Content Server Accesses -1 SCMSHOST Attributes of Hosts -1 SCMSHOSTT KPRO CMS Descriptoin of Hosts -1 SCMSIPNET Location for Subnets -1 SCMSIPNTT Description of IP Subnets -1 SCMSLOPA Location Paths for Multistep Caching -1 SCMS_SERCA Monitored Cache Servers -1 SCMS_SERCS Monitored Content Servers -1 SCMS_SERPX Monitored Aliases -1 SCPRIO Priorities -1 SCPRIOT Priorites with Description -1 SCPRPFIX BC Set: Allowed prefixes in BC Set name SAP namespace -1 SCPRSTAM BC Set: Master data exception table -1 SDOKDISTR Distribution of Categories -1 SDOKDOCSP SDOK: Document Management Areas (System Setting) -1 SDOKDOCSPC SDOK: Document Management Areas (Web Server) -1 SDOKDOCSPH SDOK: Document Management Areas -1 SDOKDOCSPT SDOK: Descriptions for document administration areas -1 SDOKIDXSP SDOK: Header Table Index Space -1 SDOKIDXSPW SDOK: Index Space: Indexing Flag -1 SDOKLOC SDOK: Locations as Distribution Criterion -1 SDOKLOCL_C SDOK: Local entries for logical info object classes -1 SDOKLOCT SDOK: Location Descriptions -1 SDOKPHCL_C SDOK: Local Definitions for Classes of Physical Info Objects -1 SDOKPROF SDOK: Profiles -1 SDOKSTCA SDOK: Physical information object memory categories -1 SDOKSTCAT SDOK: Descriptions of memory categories -1 SDOKSTCDSP SDOK: Document Management Areas for Storage Categories -1 SECCODE Section Code -1 SECCODET Name of Section Code -1 SEGEXTCONV IDoc Basis Conversion of External Segment IDs 3.0-4.0 -1 SEND_REC_REL Screen Variants for Manual Actual Postings in CO -1 SEND_REC_RELT Text for Screen Variants for Manual Actual Postings in CO -1 SEND_REC_REL_DEF Definition of Screen Variants for Manual Actual Postings -1 SETCLS_CD Change document indicator per set class -1 SETDTEL Sets: Representative data elements -1 SGOSATTR SGOS: Attribute of Generic Services -1 SHDFV Transaction variants: Field contents -1 SHDGV Global values -1 SHDTT Transaction variants: Texts -1 SHDTV Transaction variants -1 SHELPTYPE -1 SHELPTYPET -1 SHLPADM1 -1 SHLPADM2T -1 SHLPUSRVAL -1 SKA1 G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts) -1 SKAS G/L account master (chart of accounts: key word list) -1 SKAT G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts: Description) -1 SKB1 G/L account master (company code) -1 SKWPLTF -1 SLIBUVAL -1 SMANWFVARVAL Schedule Manager: Values for Schedule Manager Variable -1 SMGT Milestone group description -1 SMLG Standard milestone group -1 SNCSYSACL SNC Access Control List (ACL): Systems -1 SNUM BOM explosion number -1 SPFLI Flight schedule -1 SPH_ATIC SAPphone: Address data areas for incoming caller search -1 SPH_ATICT SAPphone: Address data areas – Text table for SPH_ATIC -1 SPH_SERVER SAPphone: Telephony server settings -1 SPH_SERVT SAPphone: Telephony server – Text table for SPH_SERVER -1 SSFARGS Application-Dependent Parameters for SSF Functions (SSFG) -1 SSF_PSE_H SSF: Personel Security Environment -1 STACUST Customizing for IDoc status (status groups, archive, procg) -1 STALIGHT Traffic Light Assignment to Status Groups for IDoc Display -1 START_GUID Set Values for the Session Manager / Profile Generator -1 SWEQADM Administration Data for Event Queue -1 SWEQENABLE Administration Data for Event Queue -1 SWEQJOB Event Queue: Administration Data for Background Jobs -1 SWETYPECOU Type Linkage Events – Receiver -1 SWETYPEENA Type Linkage Events – Receiver: Activation Table -1 SWE_CD_TST Test of Event Triggering via Change Documents -1 SWLFBASHOW Display of WIM log entries in workflow log -1 SWL_CTITLE WLC: Column title for task-specific inbox -1 SWL_CUSTOM WLC: Task-specific columns in inbox -1 SWL_SYSTEM WLC: System-specific parameters -1 SWP_ADMIN Customizing Workflow Runtime System -1 SWRWEBSERV Customizing Web Server -1 SXADDRTYPE SAPconnect: Address types -1 SXADMINTAB SAPconnect and SAPphone: Administration -1 SXCONVERT SAPconnect: Conversion functions -1 SXNODES SAPconnect: Communication nodes -1 SXPGCOSTAB Definition of logical OS commands(customer table) -1 SXPGCOTABE Definition of logical operating system commands(SAP table) -1 SXPGHISTOR History of Logical Commands -1 SXTELMOIN SAPconnect: Telephone number modification (incoming) -1 SYS_MENU Start Area Menu for SAP Initial Navigation -1 T000 Clients -1 T000C Table for Installing FI-SL Customizing -1 T000CM Client-specific FI-AR-CR settings -1 T000F Cross-Client FI Settings -1 T000GL Flexible general ledger: Customizing check and activation -1 T000K Group -1 T000MD MRP at MRP Area Level -1 T001 Company Codes -1 T001A Additional Local Currencies Control for Company Code -1 T001B Permitted Posting Periods -1 T001C Valid Posting Periods for Global Companies -1 T001CM Permitted Credit Control Areas per Company Code -1 T001D Validation of Accounting Documents -1 T001E Company Code-Dependent Address Data -1 T001F Company code-dependent form selection -1 T001G Company Code-Dependent Standard Texts -1 T001I Company Code – Parameter Types -1 T001J Company Code – Parameter Type Names -1 T001K Valuation area -1 T001L Storage Locations -1 T001M Data on Z5A Foreign Trade Regulations Report, Germany -1 T001N Company Code – EC Tax Numbers / Notifications -1 T001O Cross-System Company Codes -1 T001P Personnel Area/Subarea -1 T001Q Substitution in Accounting Documents -1 T001R Rounding Rules for Company Code and Currency -1 T001RWT Rounding rules for company code, type and curr.

New Key for Index Type -1 MDURR Mkt Data: Assign New Key for Ref.

Interest Rate Name -1 MDUVV Mkt Data: Assign New Key for Volatil.

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document type in Argentina -1 J_1APACD Printing Authorization Code -1 J_1APACK1 Printing Authorization Code for Vendors -1 J_1APRTCH2 Capital letters – texts -1 J_1APRTCHR Printing characters for Argentina -1 J_1ARFZ Definition of reasons for zero VAT -1 J_1ARFZT Texts for reasons for zero VAT -1 J_1ARZTX Reason for zero VAT per tax code -1 J_1ASNRDT1 Branch Determination for Deliveries -1 J_1ASNRDT2 Branch determination for material movements -1 J_1ASNRT Texts for subsidiary numbers -1 J_1AT001TC Tax Category Data per Company Code -1 J_1ATAXID Tax Class -1 J_1ATIDSW Correspondence for types of ID for Selfwithholding reportc -1 J_1ATODC Type of identification -1 J_1ATODCT Texts for types of identification -1 J_1ATPKOF Assignment of official code to processing key -1 J_1ATXMIN Minimum amount per tax processing key -1 J_1ATXOFF Official Codes per tax -1 J_1ATXREL Tax relevant classification -1 J_1ATXRELT Texts for tax relevant classification -1 J_1AZFSCHL Allocation Key: Branch – Company Code -1 J_1AZFSCHT Text Table: Allocation Key: Branch – Company Code -1 J_1BAA Nota Fiscal type -1 J_1BAAT Nota Fiscal type text -1 J_1BAB Reference type -1 J_1BABT Reference type text -1 J_1BAC Partner type -1 J_1BAD Partner function ID -1 J_1BADT Partner function description -1 J_1BAE Field groups -1 J_1BAET Field groups description -1 J_1BAG CFOP -1 J_1BAGT CFOP description -1 J_1BAJ Tax types -1 J_1BAJT Tax types – Description -1 J_1BAK Field assignment -1 J_1BAL Screen control group assignment -1 J_1BAM Screen control groups -1 J_1BAMT Screen control groups description -1 J_1BAN Status control -1 J_1BAO CFOP determination for incoming movements and their return -1 J_1BAOX CFOP det. and their return (exceptions) -1 J_1BAP CFOP determination for outgoing movements and their return -1 J_1BAPX CFOP det. and their return (exceptions) -1 J_1BAQ Form -1 J_1BAQT Form description -1 J_1BAR Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal -1 J_1BART Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal Description -1 J_1BAS Tax situation IPI -1 J_1BAST Tax situation IPI – Description -1 J_1BATL1 Tax Law ICMS -1 J_1BATL1T Tax Law ICMS – Texts -1 J_1BATL2 Tax Law IPI -1 J_1BATL2T Tax Law IPI – Texts -1 J_1BB2 Nota Fiscal print configuration -1 J_1BBRANCH Business Place -1 J_1BCFOP_XREG Regions with CFOP extension -1 J_1BCONDMAP Internal Codes for Tax Condition -1 J_1BCONDMAPT Descriptions of Internal Codes for Tax Conditions -1 J_1BCONDTAXACT Activate Condition-Based Tax Calculation -1 J_1BIM01 MM-IM: Tax posting strings for inventory management -1 J_1BITEMTYPEST Nota Fiscal Record Types: Texts -1 J_1BIV04 Goods Receipts Passed to Notas Fiscais via Inv. – arg.field (creation of NF header texts) -1 J_1BMMNFAT Symbolic arg. -1 MARV Material Control Record -1 MASSTAB Tables for an Object -1 MATGRP_CUST_VK Control Parameter for Article Hierarchy Distribution Chain -1 MAZO Foreign Trade: Customs Law Description -1 MCPPCUST Performance Customizing: PPIS -1 MCSCMFIELDS Definition of field processing category in LIS Copy Mgmt -1 MCSHIERB Tree for general hierarchy -1 MCSHIERBT Texts for general hierarchy tree -1 MCSHIERK Header of general hierarchy -1 MCSMET Methods for Reassignment of Statistical Data -1 MCSMETT Texts for Methods to Transform LIS Statistical Data -1 MCWSVF Selection Variant f.-1 T001S Accounting Clerks -1 T001T Company code-dependent texts -1 T001U Clearing Between Company Codes -1 T001W Plants/Branches -1 T001WT Company code-specific information per withholding tax type -1 T001X Configuration of External Receiving Comp.Codes -1 T001Y Valuation Levels for LIFO Inventory Valuation -1 T001Z Additional Specifications for Company Code -1 T001_ARCH Archive contents short description -1 T001_CONV Company codes affected by currency conversions -1 T002 Language keys -1 T002C Customizing data for T002 -1 T002T Language Key Texts -1 T003 Document Types -1 T003A Document Types for Posting with Clearing -1 T003B Object Types for Early Entry in Financial Acctng -1 T003D Document Types for Enjoy Transactions -1 T003L Transaction Type for Material Ledger -1 T003M Transaction/Event Types for SAPMM07M/SAPMM07I -1 T003N Number Ranges for Order Types -1 T003O Order Types -1 T003P Order Type Descriptions -1 T003R Number Ranges RE_BELEG (Logistics Invoice Verification) -1 T003S Document Types for Storing Documents (Log.– Bank Data -1 ALM_ME_D997 User-specific settings -1 ALM_ME_D999 Scenario Assignment for User -1 ANAT Asset type text -1 ANGT Asset catalog text table -1 ANKA Asset classes: general data -1 ANKAZ Asset class: extension for technical fields -1 ANKB Asset class: depreciation area -1 ANKL Generation table for generating asset classes from accounts -1 ANKLAY Asset class: Assignment of tab layouts -1 ANKLAYP Asset class: Assignment of tab layouts -1 ANKP Asset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of Depreciation -1 ANKV Asset classes: insurance types -1 ANLBZW Asset-specific base values -1 ANLT Asset Texts -1 AOBJVERS ID (Worklist) for Object Type and Object Use -1 APTREE Application Hierarchy -1 AQPROTCUST Query Logging Control -1 ARCH_DEF Definition of archive object -1 ARCH_DELE Objects with tables from which entries are deleted -1 ARCH_GENER Definition of Events for Archiving Generation Program -1 ARCH_NET Table with archiving objects for network display -1 ARCH_OBJ Objects for archiving and reorganization -1 ARCH_OCLAS Assign classes to archive object -1 ARCH_PARAM Cross-Object Customizing Data Archiving -1 ARCH_REPOW Archive file reporting and read program -1 ARCH_RPRG Archiving objects with associated read programs -1 ARCH_TCODE Application customizing transactions -1 ARCH_TXT Description of archive objects -1 ARCH_USR Customizing Table for Archiving -1 ARCU_COIT1 Residence Times for CO Line Items -1 AT01 Transaction Category -1 AT01T Name of Transaction Category -1 AT02 Transaction Activity Category -1 AT02A Transaction Code for Menu TIMN -1 AT02T Transaction Activity Category: Description -1 AT05 Processing Categories -1 AT05T Name: Processing Category -1 AT06 Allocation of Processing Categories to Activity Categories -1 AT07 Category of Flows and Conditions -1 AT07T Name of category for flows and conditions -1 AT08 Allocation: Application to Category of Flows and Conditions -1 AT10 Transaction type -1 AT100 Treasury Additions to User Master -1 AT10B Treasury: Customizing for Valuation -1 AT10T Name of Transaction Type -1 AT10X Forex Attributes for Transaction Types -1 AT11 Allocation of Condition Types to Transaction Types -1 AT13 Allocation of Flow Types to Transaction Types -1 AT13U Flow types for transfer posting for activity transition -1 AT15 Treasury: Foreign exchange swap rates -1 AT16 Treasury: Fixing Settings for Forex Transactions -1 AT18 Treasury: Valid Formulas -1 AT19 Supplements to Flow Types -1 AT20 Supplements to Condition Types -1 AT21 Generate derived flows -1 AT22 Procedure to Generate Derived Flows -1 AT22T Procedure to Generate Derived Flows: Name -1 AT56R Supplements to Analysis System for Table T056R -1 AT60 Definition of Treasury Functions for Activity Processing -1 AT60T Description of Treasury Functions for Activity Editing -1 AT80 Treasury: Correspondence Control MM, FX, DE, SE -1 AT81 Correspondence type -1 AT81T Name of correspondence type -1 AT85 CMF – Generating pmnt advices (prod./trans.type) -1 AT90 Type of manual reversal of posted flows -1 AT90T Name of manual reversal type for posted flows -1 ATARCHIVE00 Archiving: Minimum retention period per company code -1 ATARCHIVE01 Archiving: Minimum retention period of transaction in system -1 ATCVO Exchange Rate Volatilities -1 ATIVO Reference interest rate volatilities -1 ATKO1 Correlation Type -1 ATKO1T Text Table Correlation Type -1 ATLA Limit type -1 ATLAM Allocation of limit characteristics to limit type -1 ATLAT Name of limit type -1 ATLPG Limit product group -1 ATLPGT Name of limit product group -1 ATMA Type of Master Agreement -1 ATMAT Type of Master Agreement: Name -1 ATOR Table of Limit Types -1 ATORT Text Table for Limit Types -1 ATPA Treasury: Product Type Supplements -1 ATPRA Treasury: Clearing Account for Payment Requests -1 ATRELE1 Transaction release: Release procedure -1 ATRELE2 Transaction release: Release procedure for detail parameters -1 ATSYC Default Settings for Risk Evaluations -1 ATVMO Calculation Methods Risk Management -1 ATVO1 Volatility Types 1 -1 ATVO2 Descriptions of Volatility Types -1 ATVO3 Statistics Type for Parameterizing Estimation Functions -1 ATVO3T Text Table Statistics Type -1 ATVOK Rate types for OTC NPVs -1 ATVOKT Text tables for rate/NPV types for OTC transactions -1 ATVST Names of scenario types -1 ATVSZ Scenario types -1 ATWVO Security price volatilities -1 ATXVO Securities index volatilities -1 ATZVO Reference Int. -1 AUCTIONBIDDER list of all items bid -1 AUCTIONBIDDERDET Details about auction bidders -1 AUCTIONCATEGORY List of all Categories -1 AUCTIONCATEMAP contains category relationships.A category has 0,1,m parent -1 AUCTIONITEMS List if auction items -1 AUCTIONITEMSMAP stores relationship of an item to its parent categories.Types -1 /SAPSLL/TLER3BO SLL: R/3 BS: Control: Call Customs Server: Org.

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