Updating optical drive in imac

The firmware ISO disc boots into Free DOS to run the firmware updater.

Now, some Macs don't come with optical drives (or have removed them to put in a SSD upgrade).

In today’s weird news, some people have apparently found coins hidden inside their Mac Book, specifically optical drives in older Mac Book models. Recently, Imgur user Occam’s Razor states that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.

We don’t yet have any definitive answers, but it’s an interesting phenomenon to examine.

The critical part is next: on system boot hold down the C key as the Mac boots up.

This tells the computer to load from the disc rather than from the internal hard drive.

In this situation, the most likely explanation is that it’s some kind of prank. Another possible explanation is that it’s some kind of accidental lodging, but we’ll look at that, too.

In a “When the drive grabs a disk, that hub depressed downward,” he wrote.

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There's a list at the bottom of the page with a section for drives that are not affected, followed by a chart of the drives that require the firmware update. The Mac's System Information app can revel this information.“IF a coin falls inside the optical drive slot while the hub is depressed (disk installed), it can slide through the round hole that the hub retracts into when there is no disk installed.”“90 (percent) of the time, it was the result of kids shoving things in the Optical Drive.We’d find coins, paperclips, SD cards, you name it.This situation, in part, was based on a lack of friendly firmware download tools and operating system limitations.This situation has improved and Seagate now offers firmware updates as a routine matter for the general support of your Seagate drive.A recent post on a storage list that I subscribe to mentioned a firmware update for a range of enterprise-level hard drives used in IBM storage systems.

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