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This reflection time is critical and will only help to clarify what is important for your career.And yes, you can tell that I don’t go to many parties for the Over-Seven Set. I took my job as a Key Holder very seriously and had even been considering putting it on my CV – something along the lines of: Position: Key holder Responsibilities: Holding the key. Being able to retrieve the key when asked for the key.Anyway, the most exciting thing about GT’s birthday party plans – which she shared with me during a recent telephone conversation – was that she seemed to be implying that I might actually be invited. Occasionally feeding the cat, using the key, but taking care not to feed the cat the key.The classic reference book for those considering a new position or a career change is I’ve been in this situation a few times and have experienced sleepless nights.One thing that worked for me is to writing down all those words swirling around in my head.Moments after I’d booked my flight, I received a text message from the Mild-Mannered Lawyer asking for her house key back, which had been in my possession since I’d fed her cat over the New Year. The MML seemed to be implying, with the withdrawal of her key, that I was no longer in Top 40. And really, it’d help to have in the EXPERIENCE section of my CV that didn’t pre-date Aussie Legend™ Johnny Farnham’s first Farewell Tour (and for the record, Johnny: having a comeback tour only four years after your last tour is a little like saying goodbye to someone you’ve run into at the supermarket only to see them three aisles later standing in front of the condom section. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, just in case anyone else is considering me for the role of Key Holder.

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