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You sent shockwaves through the funny pages prior to that when John Darling was shot. That's because Kent State brought out Lisa's Story, and brought me back in contact with the campus and it just started dredging up a lot of old memories. I've had him, when he was doing the book tour recently, he met a women that he had known at college, and we flashed back to a week of sequences dealing with that.So, yes, I will be going back and filling in, because it's kind of fun.Les, one of my main characters, was her best friend, and they had dated at one point -- he wasn't the father, but he was her best friend.And he became her birthing partner and all of this stuff, and all of a sudden I realized it was going to be very difficult to take him through a story like that and then have Les go back to hanging from the gym class rope during the homecoming dance. That was good for me, because I had grown beyond where I was when I started the strip.

That led to a storyline about a girl being pregnant in high school.

And this probably worked out a heck of a lot better for me.

My subject matter sort of chose me, and it worked out great.

they saved me." tacked up on my wall.) What were your personal connections, if any, to the issues addressed in the strip in these and other instances? In the first part, I had reached an age where you're starting to hear from friends about this kind of thing, and from relatives who are dealing with it. Lisa's dying was, in part, a writer's thing, because I had told her story the first time, and now I needed to take my characters to a new place. I didn't really mean to do that -- I mean, it wasn't my intent from the beginning of the strip. I've already gone back a couple of times where Les has gone back and is reflecting on some things that happened to him while he was in college.

It wasn't a personal experience with my wife and I at that point, so I took all that stuff and internalized it, and created this internal landscape that I could draw from to do the first part of Lisa's story arc. Lisa's not the first character to die in the strip. At that point, I was in a lawsuit with my syndicate trying to get back ownership of hard for them." (laughs) Will you ever go back and explore some of the intervening years that were skipped over? And the college is now identified -- it was just sort of a vague thing, before, but now it's Kent State.

Sort of the way Scott Adams did with got off to such a great launch, I think, because we came just at the cusp...

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