Updating a home

Your family will have plenty of time to appreciate the addition and, once you’re ready to sell, the boost in square footage will also boost your asking price.

As we pointed out, large-scale projects don’t usually translate into large increases in your home’s value.

Variety usually makes a room more interesting, but when it comes to candles, there's one color stylists almost always like to use: white.

An array of vibrant-hued candles can "look really old-lady no matter what you do with them," Naiman says.

As the country style heads to that great pasture of once-popular designs, you don't have to give up the farm table you fought for at the flea market.

"The fastest way to update a table is to change the two chairs at each end of the table, whether that's replacing them with something lighter, or just reupholstering them in a modern fabric, like a thick stripe or zebra print," Naiman says.

To help provide perspective on which home improvements will add the most value, we’ve categorized them into four types: In general, projects that add square footage are best viewed as an investment in your family’s enjoyment of your home.

You’ll do a little better with the return on your investment if you remodel unused areas like your attic or basement into living spaces—or replace something like a garage door, which will add convenience for you If you’re planning to stay in your home a few more years and need the extra space to keep family members from tripping over each other, by all means add the space!

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We didn't believe it either, until we were told to place a finger over the vases of flowers in photos. "It's more natural if you use a mix of open and closed buds," she says.Chances are, there's one color that's quietly overtaking your living room, because it goes with any color scheme and hides stains, but too much of it could be making the place look dated and, well, lair-like."You shouldn't have more than three or four brown items in any room, including wooden floors or dark carpets, yet so many people do," says Olga Naiman, a stylist whose work has been featured in House Beautiful, Veranda and Real Simple.Really, you only need three: one 20-inch by 20-inch, one 16-inch by 16-inch, and one 12-inch by 16-inch."Those three sizes look good together no matter how you arrange them," Henderson explains.But not all remodeling will increase your home’s value enough to recoup the entire cost of the improvement.

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