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In Canada, universities are distinct from colleges.Universities Canada, an organisation composed of Canadian universities, defines universities as degree-granting institutions, i.e.Edmonton is also home to The King's University, as well as the Concordia University of Edmonton (not to be confused with the Concordia University in Montreal).The French-language Campus Saint-Jean is part of the University of Alberta offering programmes to francophone and francophile students.There are many ways that people can make a relationship healthy, including assuming responsibility for individual happiness, making time for one another, laughing together, and with forgiveness.Conflict is also a normal and healthy part of an intimate relationship and it is crucial to learn how to resolve it.There are eleven public universities and five private universities in British Columbia.

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The title "university" is protected under federal regulation.Most private universities refer to themselves as "university colleges", and they grant equivalent degrees.Edmonton, the province's capital city, is home to the University of Alberta, the province's largest university, and Grant Mac Ewan University.Degree programs generally last three to four years, though some programs may take longer to complete due to cooperative education (Co-op) programs or joint programs with colleges which are touted for offering practical experience.Tuition is based on program material and content which varies in price.Formerly a university college, the Alberta Government gave them permission to change their status from "university college" to "university".

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