Ubuntu 9 04 not updating from cd

In comparison to previous releases, Ubuntu 9.04 makes the mounting experience more pleasant by using the relevant third-party software icons on the target device for display. I will be reporting this to the Ubuntu development team, so the issue can be sorted out. Compared to Ubuntu 8.10, Jackalope has a new, friendlier Bluetooth wizard, which makes things ever so simpler. Like Ubuntu 8.10, Jaunty did not disappoint, although I did struggle a little with the new Ekiga interface, trying to get the camera to work. For more about web camera support, you may wish to take a look at this article.

Before I could test multimedia support, I had to pull my test suite of files in proprietary formats from a Windows machine.

You get the same old product, the things are pretty much the way they used to be, on top of which comes a sprinkling of new stuff. Let's see if Jaunty Jackalope can live up to the promise.

Today, I'm going to test Ubuntu 9.04 on three machines - my two laptops and a virtual machine for the installation.

Flash playback was smooth and the audio quality was good.

If you want to learn more about Flash installation in general, including alternative methods, you may want to take a look at my Flash tutorial. As expected, Totem complained about missing codecs. However, I then used the Add/Remove Applications utility to look for the plugins, and lo and behold, they were there and installed without any problems.

The boot progress bar has also changed; it's thinner and sports new colors. Unlike previous releases, the mascot wallpaper is not set by default. You can also see that I have mounted an external 2GB NTFS-formatted USB drive, which hosts the Windows-based Mojo Pac virtualization software. On the T61, there was no wireless, which comes as a rather shocking surprise, because wireless on Ubuntu 8.10 worked well on the same machine. You can also notice the new notification style, which feels quite elegant.As always, Ubuntu had no problem connecting, even via encrypted wireless.Compared to some distributions that have no problems with shipping proprietary software, like PCLinux OS or Linux Mint, Ubuntu may seem a little too spartan for the average user.When it comes to Ubuntu, usually, I skip spring releases and focus on autumn editions, as I've found them to be more cultivated and more responsive to my needs.This time, I decided to break tradition and give the latest Ubuntu release beta a whirl.Reading about what Ubuntu 9.04 brings, it does not seem like much: the latest Gnome edition, the shortened boot times, some visual polish, new filesystem support, and a few other items.

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