Totally chinese dating site


The site is recommended but some users have complained that the photos of the women are misleading.

Not all of them are recent pictures and the women are usually older than they appear in the photos.

However, the website is difficult to use and the pages seem to go around in circles.

It can be very frustrating navigating through this site.

It is not one of the best Chinese dating sites available today.There are many girls registered on who are supposed to be searching for a real and lasting relationship but it’s not as many women as you would expect for a dating service.The main complaint about this site is that the gallery for the men can be viewed even when someone is not logged rated one of the worse dating sites online by many users.They promise a wide database of Chinese women who are searching for a serious relationship but a large percentage of the women on the site do not appear to be Chinese women.was the very first dating service to target Chinese singles that have a college education.

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