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Hakoda stood up and interrupted him, relieving Sokka from his duties and began to fully explain the invasion plan.It had been a well thought out plan; more advanced than the one Ameya had heard weeks prior and she was amazed Sokka and Hakoda had managed to arrange it so well. Aang had left to retrieve his Air Nomad clothes, ready to reveal his survival to his enemies once more.So she will not dwell or hesitate at the possibility of seeing Ameya was stationed on the same ship as the Avatar and group.Hakoda instructed the waterbenders to create a fog as they reached the gates but the gates suddenly lifted up from water, streams of fire coating the fence."Everyone below deck!

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For a moment, Ameya felt lost again."I have a spare dress for you—if you'd like to wear it."Ameya startled at Katara's voice, glancing at the younger girl who seemed to notice her silent dilemma."Ameya smiled. I have an outfit already."Katara stared on, confusion clear on her face as Ameya walked away.

An earthbender by the name of Haru had greeted them and Aang briefly explained how Katara had inspired and freed them from a Fire Nation prison before.

Ameya smiled politely once more as she was being introduced next to Toph.

This was the outfit that fits her best, she believes.

Ameya had just finished tying the belt around her waist when Aang awakened, hopping to greet the rest of them with a bright smile and refreshed vigor.

Ameya sat next to Toph on the podium next to the stage when Sokka began his presentation.

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