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Your wife might not personally hire a Private Investigator to follow you around.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to be outted by a Private Investigator.

Updated many times a day, this site is where entertainment industry insiders go to get the good stuff.

Perez himself has become a bit of a celebrity with this blog, as he's been able to score inside scoops rubbing elbows with the very people he's putting gossip items up about on his blog.

Please read through our guide before ever signing up for any site and read the reviews.

Our list of the Try the affair sites below at your own risk. You might be wondering how on earth there are so many affair websites but only 3 are good places to find a hookup.

Tencent's Internet platforms QQ,, QQ Games, and Pai have brought together China's largest Internet community.

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We quickly learned that more than 95% of the sites are so bad that you’d be lucky to ONLY waste your money.That excitement quickly turned into one of the worst nights of his life. Presently, Tencent is aiming its operations at the strategic goal of providing users with a "one-stop online life service".Trent of Pink Is The New Blog dishes out celebrity gossip and personal tidbits in an intimate and endearing way; he has a great talent for making you feel part of what is going on rather than just merely being a spectator.You'll never look at celebrity fashion mistakes quite the same way after checking out Go Fug Yourself, a site dedicated to the truly horrible clothing disasters that sometimes go walking down the red carpet.With a huge pool of potential contributors to pull from, it's no wonder that ONTD is the place to find breaking celebrity news, and with the unique insights from members, this site becomes an invaluable bookmark for the true celebrity gossip junkie.

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