Tony bruno dating game

At least the moves offers Philly sports fans some level of drama while they wait for the Eagles to return.

TONY BRUNO *95.7 FM 'The Game' continues to struggle ...especially in the key morning drive (5-9 AM) ; despite repeated new morning shows and experiments, Entercom's FM All-Sports outlet is lagging behind its own projections.

Tony Conigliaro, or "Tony C.," as he was known, was a Boston-area, hometown boy made good.

The youngest player in baseball history to hit 100 home runs, Conigliaro was destined for greatness.

Often times, good people fit that description --Bruno is not alone. *Bruno loves the Bay Area and would probably JUMP at a chance to host his very own show but there is one significant problem (among a few others): Bruno's mother is 91 and lives in Philly.

But he would need to change his professional MO otherwise he'll forever be stuck here. Bruno is thought to be against moving to another city while his mother lives out her sunset years.

But soon after Tony returned from the Turkey-based installment, the pair learned that they were expecting a baby.

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*Bruno, out of Philadelphia, is a very special, ultra-talented personality but who is deemed difficult to work for. Bruno is expensive too (try about 0K a year and 3 years guaranteed --just for an example) but good people are expensive.

, but the duo ultimately joined a unique crew of cast members to find love during the long-running series.

The new parents -- along with a bunch of familiar MTV faces who had romantic connections with their fellow roommates -- will be featured in an upcoming special -- and as fans of the game series might recall, he shared a mysterious rendezvous with fellow newbie Christina.

athlete captioned the announcement above, which finds the couple giving their son or daughter a sweet smooch.

Shortly after Tony's big news became public, he received some congratulatory words from a few familiar faces from his Windy City stint and the long-running game series. "In this life I believe that everything happens for a reason," Madi captioned the Insta image above featuring Alyssa and her mini-me.

Jeanne and Tony start dating We were first introduced to Jeanne Benoit, a beautiful doctor, in Season 4.

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