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You’re now in a room full of computers, with the chest to deposit the bribe in against the opposite wall.Loot all three chests and drop the bribe in the center one; you’ll immediately get a message from Rainia, telling you to hack a computer inside the HQ.Step on the foot panel and go through the unlocked door, then do the same thing in the next room.Push the statue onto the panel and go back to the room with the stairs, now entering the other unlocked door. First push the statue onto the right panel (parallel to the stairs in the next room), then go through the unlocked door and step on the foot panel. Go back and push the statue onto the other panel, and go through the other unlocked door.Grab it and use it to unlock the chest on the right side, which you also have to swim to reach. Grab the star keystone, and use it in the door at the far end of the room and go through, following the room through to the next one.Inspect and pull both statues to reveal two panels; pull the statues onto them to disable the electricity traps.

Chat with him and he’ll ask for five pieces of copper in exchange for the relic; find them on your map and collect them.After you give Sopdu the copper, he’ll give you the relic, which you can then deliver to Rainia.Now she wants two pieces of mummitomium, which you can find on your map. Unlike the other gems and metals you map have found, mummitomium appears more rarely; if it’s not on your map, wait a few Sim hours and check again.Loot it and then inspect all three statues in the large room.Disable the traps by pushing statues onto them, then step on the foot panel and inspect the hole that appears behind it.You can collect some Ancient Coins in this hallway.

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