The frisky are you dating a cat


The answer involved either wearing sunglasses ( or a baseball cap to prevent her from becoming dazzled. Once she had unplugged it and opened all the doors and windows, he settled down.

It sounds to me as if the relief of having an empty bladder is prompting zoomies in your cats.

If you pose with a puss, you may get some in return.

Singletons – there is a solution to your loneliness and desire for a life partner.

In other words, posing with your pet will probably land you a hot date. Cats Protection's Social Media Manager, Gemma Croker suggests that male celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Macklemore are sharing their love of cats on social media, and that may be what's contributing to a high increase in male cat owners.

Croker said, "Cats have always been on social media but we have definitely noticed more men openly expressing their love for their feline friends."The evidence below certainly supports Croker's hypothesis."It is possible that [male celebrities and their cats] may have triggered an increase in popularity for cats among the general male population, which is great news for re-homing cats," Croker added.

Many owners of dogs with long coats have them clipped short for the summer: this looks odd, but dogs respond well, exercising more energetically and becoming more lively in warm weather.

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