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With an example, when good and in-form players meet lesser opponents, it's easier to predict the outcome of the match compared to when two similar opponents meet.

So, with having predictions and probabilities, when we know the result, we can create a chart (as visible on Accuracy) which shows the average success rate of predictions within a small probability range.

A league will produce a fair result most of the time, but it's harder to predict a single match. Tennis matches are played by only one player (if we talk about singles, which is the majority of important matches), and they are in a knockout format.

As a result, players need to give their best and win every match and it's only that one player that has the chance win it.

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Still, the world of tennis is not just about Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal.The higher the probability, the better the tennis tip.Any good betting system should provide a probability for each prediction because of a simple reason: not all matches, in our case not all tennis matches, can be predicted equally.No matter how good the tennis betting tips are, if they don't get to you, they don't help much.We implemented both an email based notification system for the website users and Android notifications for the app users.No matter if you're a low risk person or want to take high risk, the Backtest will show you what could have been achieved in the past.

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