Teaser cams


CAM 02 seems to be a hallway with an empty Bonnie suit at the end, along with posters of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, and Chica.The floor and sections of the walls are black-and-white and checkered, as is the rest of the building.Black tubes are visible in the top-right of the room.There appears to be four doorways, one leading to the hallway outside The Office, another leading to CAM 03, the third leading to CAM 04, and lastly, one leading to CAM 05.

Teaser cams-46Teaser cams-73Teaser cams-13

These gals were hilarious and crazy resulting in the best maid of honor toast I have ever witnessed.This D7000 exposure is hot, hot, hot, within shouting distance of the right edge of the histogram, yet all channels (red, green, blue) are below raw clipping levels.This image actually shows a hint of JPEG histogram clipping on the D7000’s LCD for the “neutral” picture control, but shows lots of sky clipping when processed using the camera’s “landscape” and “vivid” picture controls.Getting the party started off on the right foot included the bridal party passing out shots of Fireball to the guests upon being announced into the reception.Catt’s bridesmaids were not your average bridesmaids.I’m only in the early planning stages of this effort and the more I plan the more I realize how big of a project this is going to be, if I really want to do the topic justice.

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