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You can learn more about how to designate teachers and helpers here: Setting up teacher accounts and Adding teachers and Helpers to a classroom.

OCTOBER 20--A Texas biology teacher is facing a felony rap for allegedly having sex with a high school student who triggered a criminal probe after sharing with his friends an explicit Snapchat photo that was sent to him by the educator.

Ashley Zehnder, 24, is named in a felony complaint accusing her of having an improper relationship with a 17-year-old student at Pasadena High School, where the science teacher also serves as assistant cheer coach. As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Zehnder this month approached a school administrator to express “concerns about rumors of students texting around an inappropriate photo of herself.” Zehnder, the affidavit notes, reported that a student could have surreptitiously “gotten on her phone and sent the picture.” In short order, an assistant principal interviewed a male student who admitted having a naked photo of Zehnder (who is pictured at right).

The teen added that he was provided the image by a classmate who spoke of having a sexual relationship with Zehnder.

It is without a doubt that student success depends wholly on teacher success – and it is with this in mind that we must value teacher voice and narratives.

From all walks of life, teachers are as diverse and unique as their students.

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For example, if a teacher is concurrently running the classes Biology and Cytology, and has Biology selected, then they will be able to see, read, and respond to student messages in the Biology classroom.

Chat gives teachers a way to help students along without needing to escalate to closed tabs or locked screens, and Announcement Mode provides a useful tool for communicating important announcements to single students or entire classrooms.

In addition to this article, you can also check the You can use Chat to talk to students and they can talk to you while your classroom is in an active session.

Zehnder resigned her teaching position shortly after investigators began examining her relationship with the boy.

Chat with Teachers aims to build a collection of online teacher mentors sharing tips and strategies that work for them, their own personal “a-ha” moments, and their journey as an educator.

Chat in Go Guardian Teacher lets teachers chat directly with students without needing to use email or interrupting class. Want to quietly send another student encouragement for finding the answer to a difficult problem?

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