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Super Bowl commercials once were half-minute clips that only lived on after the game in conversation.Thanks to You Tube and the magic of video sharing, you can watch all the ads online as many times as you would like. Kevin Hart is the ultimate protective dad in one of Hyundai’s ads for Super Bowl 50, set to air on Sunday, February 7.

They will join women's groups who are currently fighting against the airing of Tebow's "advocacy ad," which the groups say is inappropriate for Super Sunday.

CBS has rejected a gay dating site's Super Bowl ad and now wants a bite out of the network.

reporter Darren Rovell tweeted earlier Friday that CBS would not be airing Man's 'Playing for the Same Team' ad during the NFL game next week, reports.

Thank goodness there's a Xerox copier at the monastery. Another classic commercial (which technically debuted before the Super Bowl kicked off) features Pittsburgh Steelers great "Mean Joe" Greene limping off to the locker room before a kid stops him to offer him a Coke. In this 2005 ad, Pitt opens the fridge to discover he's out of the brew, then decides to brave a walk through the streets to replenish his stock.

Greene accepts and gives a memorable gift in return. In a play on the famous George Orwell novel "1984," a legion of brainwashed citizens sits watching a propaganda video in a dystopian future as a rogue woman charges toward the big screen and hurls a sledgehammer at it. You can take your pick of E-Trade's many memorable Super Bowl commercials, but we like the pioneering dancing monkey from the 2000 Super Bowl. Don't you wish you could give your co-workers a little kick (or a tackle) once in a while?

"has just received a formal rejection of its ad from CBS," Rovell wrote on Twitter.

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