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Taking recent strides to beef up their US presence however, Lyoness has finally realised that their business presentations and information desperately needed a massive overhaul.Armed with some decent and clear information on the company and the business model, I’m now able to present a complete review of the Lyoness US business opportunity.Foreword: Please note that for the purposes of this Lyoness review I’m solely analysing the US division of the company.As far as the international Lyoness opportunity goes it’s still painfully impossible to understand and not worth wasting my time trying to dissect it.For each accounting unit you generate, when 35 of the same units have been generated by your left binary team and 35 by your right team (for a total of 70), your accounting unit is redeemable for a 5 commission.When four of your personally recruited downline members have each generated at least one accounting unit, you can also claim a loyalty cash bonus which further increases the accounting bonus commission payout by 8 (for a total payout of 3).There doesn’t appear to be too much information out there.

For each earnt in commissions generated, paid out in cashback bonuses (both direct cashback and referral cashbacks) or put down by members as a downpayment towards a gift card or payment, the company counts you as having generated one ‘accounting unit’.The 5 must be spent with a Lyoness retail partner, whereas the 8 loyalty commission is paid out as cash.In addition to the accounting units above, Lyoness also offer four other tiers that function in the same manner as the AC I accounting unit commissions: Within the Lyoness compensation plan there are a total of 8 levels of membership.At each level members are awarded a bonus as well as an increase on the amount they earn per accounting unit they receive a bonus on.Members gain membership ranks based on the number of accounting units they have converted into cash returns. There are no fees whatsoever to become a member of the company.Being a “down payment”, as I understand it the money stays with Lyoness itself as nothing has been purchased from any retailer.

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