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Also see solos by her frequent partner, Juan Ogalla, and by Barrio herself, accompanied by a clutch of passionate musicians and singers.(She’s sitting out Saturday matinees, so be careful as you book.) The plethora of dance talent in this city boggles the mind; seventy-nine choreographers auditioned for seven slots in the fifth-annual Emerging Choreographers Series.Pianist Alain Franco accompanies Setterfield, and deufert&plischke company member Kareth Schaffer acts as master of ceremonies. The subject matter was elevated as well: Not only did we learn that Tyler, often accused of homophobia, is probably queer himself; we also got a much more nuanced peek into a psyche that’s usually been reduced to Tyler’s trolling pranks.The new Tyler will perform at Madison Square Garden this week with one of the best rappers alive, Vince Staples.The piece, she says, creates a “contemplative environment that shifts from the imperceptible to the sudden.” Another solid lineup at Bushwick DIY space the Glove, this one starring Kate Ferencz, a solo performer who records charmingly lo-fi Casio-pop.Ferencz is unpredictable but reliable, delving into folk and even gospel on some of her experimental pop songs.Houston has a thriving art scene that includes one of the nation's best and largest theatre districts.

Lively and athletic, it juxtaposes powerful movement (choreographed by Ekenes, Pia Holden, and Hélèn Blackburn) with tender music by Joner, and is said to be a metaphor for our current international political situation. Each shows a new piece developed as part of Miller’s investigative process, and audiences are offered many perspectives on that process before, during, and after the Chelsea season.The descendent of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, she grew up in Western Massachusetts considering Broadway musicals her personal folklore, and spent her early years writing musical plays.She now describes herself as both a choreographer and a composer, and calls her new a “backstage musical.” How, she asks, “can we implicate our cultural patterns of yearning, catharsis, and individualism in order to forge an illicit future?The injury, a serious one to both shoulders (with Stern’s crucial right arm left in particularly dire straits), it was the type of affliction that would bench most musicians, let alone one who was in his sixties.But in 2017, the one-time axeman for such giants as Miles Davis, Bela Fleck, Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Billy Cobham returned to both the road and the studio a fully recovered man.—, a new work by Abby Zbikowski, who teaches at the University of Illinois Champaign at Urbana and last year won the juried Bessie Award.

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