Skype have any 24 7 cams

IM also open minded so i accept almost any kind of cam shows or custom video proposals.

If you like to have fun with me, come and your dream will come true.

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" now we have gone to Skype it is a load of old garbage.You: I have built in and external on four devices or are you trying to tell me I have four faulty cams and so do all my contacts, but they work for everything else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , it is not me and everybody's elses cams it is Skype , I will have to go now and will post on the community and see what results I get here, thanks you for getting me nowhere slowly I have checked lots of times the basics it is SKYPE thanks you bye !!!!!!!!!!!!Kristina R: Please understand that I am asking these questions to eliminate the possible reasons. You: an hour to ask me if they are on line and my cams work which is deducible from the fact I have four gadgets , bye info: Your chat transcript will be sent to *** Email address is removed for privacy *** at the end of your chat.Skype is a load of rubbish, I have it on my laptop, desktop phones and tablet, thanks god I have not got windows 8 and have got 7 as it doesn't work that well with 8 , I used to be able to talk to five people type and email surf the net , with windows 8 all this becomes a nightmare so thank god I have got rid of windows 8.On my tablet from my inbox to a message used to be one click, since the last update it is now 4 and it took away the option to view like desktop.If you have an issue or proposed change as well, you’re welcome to open an issue or create a merge request in the specific package Git page.

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