Six months of dating


Over time each person changes (or decides to speak up about what they want). LOL You can tell a lot by watching how a person handles themselves in an altercation. If they are mean to each other they'll probably be mean to you.or how they treat waiters/waitresses."There's a 6 month rule? Sure do wish there was a "science" to summing up people sure would be a lot safer.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Speaking from my experience, when I was younger, 6 months would have been the rule to say-I date only this person, I see issues but where are we headed, I care for them, let's go! Then there's the 7 year itch-poof gone-and it's more true than many think.Particularly if your friends are in a relationship and you aren't-a younger person may feel like Friendless Frieda, putting part of the emphasis on keeping up, not being a 3rd wheel, lonely, OR not seeing him for who he really is. You've worked out a lot of the kinks, but the ones you are left with you think you're sick of.

I know a girl who leaves them after 6 also if they aren't willing to move in together.I guess we were more like FWBs but there was no such term back then.My recommendation would not to get hung up about other peoples' hangups, rules, well-meant advice, etc. it's like watching a toddler trying to force that square peg into that round hole and beating it and throwing a fit and it still doesn't work..try to reason with them and they say no.... These rules of thumb are not so applicable as are your social abilities and perceptions.We're all gun shy, rejected, subjected-or, just want companionship once in a while. Learn to listen, not to ignore that little voice just because something looks or sounds so good (there just might be a worm inside).But most know living together is sooo entirely different and it takes a year to work the kinks out-and continually working on it. Life has and is teaching me and it is tough, but I am learning to listen.we also have talked about just doing what we are doing now for a year or so, goes neither one of us are in a rush.

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