Single vs dating vs marriage


The authors contended that ‘once [people] get married they let themselves go’ – an argument that may sound familiar to singletons. And there’s actual scientific evidence to prove it.This review of various studies into sexual appetite reveals that the frequency of sex while married decreases over time, particularly in the first year.An analysis of more than 3.5 million Americans revealed that married people – regardless of their age, sex, or even cardiovascular factors – had significantly less chance of developing the disease than those who were single, divorced or widowed.If you marry under the age of 50, your odds are slashed by 12 per cent compared to young single people of a similar age.

While you could argue either side forever, there actually have been scientific studies into it.‘The married persons had age-adjusted mortality rates that were 10-15 per cent lower than the population as a whole.’ On mental health specifically, he found particular emotional benefits for women, while for men it was mostly physical.We’ve already referred to one study that said married people were likely to be thinner.Older couples between the ages of 51-60 had a 7 per cent reduced risk.But don’t despair yet singles – another study by the Michigan State University found that this only applies if the marriage was happy. There have been many studies into the benefits of marriage on the mind.But then, when we looked into it some more, it was bit less black and white.

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