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This was erected in two stages and its two blocks were known as the Victoria Block (date unknown) and the later Albert Block dating from 1897. In 1894, the British Medical Journal set up a "commission" to investigate conditions in provincial workhouses and their infirmaries.

St Thomas hospital block from the south-east, 2001. A chapel was also erected in the north-eastern yard. Following a visit to St Thomas, the commission's report was broadly favourable.

The criticisms of the infirmary were mainly to do with deficiencies its structure: separate isolation wards were required, especially for venereal cases; day rooms were needed for the more convalescent patients; a separate labour ward, imbeciles' ward, and infirmary ward for children were also recommended.

It was suggested that a night nurse be appointed at once. The workhouse became a Public Assistance Institution in 1930 and then became Redhills Hospital in 1948 following its absorption into the National Health Service.

, provides a vision for moving the field forward to improve the lives of people with epilepsy.

The committee made 13 recommendations and identified a number of research priorities to promote accomplishing this vision.

18 houses pay tax (one a double tenement), 28 cottages exempt. Price of provisions has greatly increased in the last two years; the Poor cannot purchase meat at less than 4½d. It was designed by Sampson Kempthorne who was also the architect for other Devon workhouses at Axminster, Barnstaple, Exeter, Okehampton, South Molton, and Torrington.

Before the war wheaten bread and cheese, and about twice a week meat, were their usual food; now barley bread and no meat. Labourers' children are often bound out apprentices at 8 years of age to the farmers.

Chronology c.1450 to the present day Selected milestones in the history of the family and key dates in the history of the development of the Rothschild businesses are detailed here.

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This would have contained Guardians' board room, porter's room, and offices for the Union's clerk and relieving officer. Various single-storey utility rooms and workshops formed the hexagonal perimeter of the building.

St Thomas accommodation wings from the north-east, 2001. A separate hospital block was later erected to the north of the workhouse.

Farms are generally from £50 to £200 a year; one of £400. The workhouse location and layout are shown on the 1904 map below.

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