Sikh dating


The sub-continent - where most of us Sikhs trace our origins - and the Western world, have differing views on finding this very love.In the West, the popular mode is the process of courtship, or dating.This is when couples form intimate relationships with each other that may or may not blossom into a marriage.The dating process is a process of trial and error, and most people go through several such relationships before they find the “one”.The West and its ways, however, are foreign to those who are newcomers - just as newcomers are 'foreigners' in their new environments.

As the male is typically supposed to be the initiator, his gender unfortunately gets the harder job; they usually have to do most of the work in order to woo the female.

This process is the opposite of the system traditionally followed on the subcontinent - through arranged marriages.

As Sikhs make their home in Western countries, their kids experience the dating system first hand.

A mother's guidance in this regard is also absent , again, for the same reasons.

Another challenge faced by young Sikhs is that they do look different, even though not all males wear turbans and have unshaven facial hair.

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