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Their ‘function,’ in terms of how they were used by other human beings, specific to situations like the one described in the tablet, made for an odd catch-and-release kind of slavery."The female slave would be freed after giving birth to the first male baby and ensuring that the family is not be left without a child," professor Ahmet Berkız Turp from Harran University's Gynecology and Obstetrics Department told Turkish news channel NTV, according to the Daily Sabah.

Cuneiform, referring to 'wedge-shaped' inscriptions on clay tablets, is one of the oldest-known systems of writing.

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As the extremists’ pool of sex slaves dry up, jihadis are turning to different sites and apps to lure girls to be their brides.

The Assyrian Empire dates back to the 25th century B.

C., making it one of the first civilizations to form anywhere in the world.

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“I told them, ‘Close her Twitter and Telegram,’ but they said, ‘No, it’s the dating site she is on.’” The man who contacted the young girl claimed to be living in ISIS’s self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa.

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