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We held a video conference with men scattered in six different locations to discuss the Work in India. Jim Meredith returned from a conference in South Florida, and from the funeral of Mr. He was a long-time Evangelist in another Church of God, but well-known to many of us, and part of the Mc Nair clan. The committee was made up from staff representing Living University, the Business Office, Television, Internet, Editorial and Legal Departments, and the field ministry. We have meetings scheduled this coming week to map out plans for an educational program for our ministry, members, and the youth of the Church.

In addition to three of us here in Charlotte, we had three men in India, Mr. Bobby Jacques has been hired for the full-time ministry and should be in Kansas City for further training in the next few weeks. Weston This has been a very busy time with a lot of end-of-year details that have to be attended to. Our focus is to bring together all educational efforts in a comprehensive approach, taking into account all our members. Your prayers regarding this program, along with the upcoming TWPs, are greatly appreciated.

These citations have been arranged by subgenus, section, subsection and species and will be published in four parts, including (Part IV) analysis, discussion and conclusions concerning apparent clustering of some uses or effects within taxa.

Many spectators who failed to sign up and came in late wanted to get in on the fun, but there is always next year!While potential and real audiences do not always match, we are hopeful this nationwide network will bear fruit in the long run.We are also scheduled to begin airing the program on KYLE in Waco, Texas on February 4 at a.m. On Wednesday, we held an online Ministerial Conference for about 265 ministers and wives, with 240 tuning in on the Internet. Jonathan Mc Nair gave a presentation during the conference, and also during an office meeting, explaining the new education program we are developing.Semi-annual responses to the offered “Antichrist and Beast of Revelation” DVD have been very strong overall, with the U. They now have 42 congregations in nine of their ten provinces. Rob Tyler reports that the Living Youth Program got off to a good start this past week in New Zealand. As I write, the eastern coast of the United States is being battered with one of the worst blizzards to hit the region. Rand Millich mentioned that there were 472 at the Sabbath Service (including those connecting online) for the Kansas City Weekend. Rod Mc Nair gave an inspiring sermon about God’s Spirit being in us.It was a very positive weekend with a millennial theme. We had two very fine split sermons last Sabbath, by Messrs. They blended together very well and will be sent out as “Must Plays” in the near future.The theme of the Friday night Bible Study, Sabbath sermonette and sermon became evident: know why we have these activities and do not become distracted from that purpose.

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