Sex game chat fench

Jack takes out a jar of mustard, opens it and uses a butter knife to eat it. DOCTOR'S OFFICE - DAY Jack, eyes puffy, face pale, sits before an INTERN, who studies him with bemusement. INTERN (overlapping w/ above) You need healthy, natural sleep. Jack, the cordless phone still glued to his ear, walks INTO FRAME and continues.

The SPEAKER has pale skin and sunken eyes -- he's clearly dying.

O.) Like the Johanneshov armchair in the Strinne green stripe pattern... LIVING ROOM/DINING AREA/KITCHEN The armchair APPEARS.

O.) Or the Rislampa wire lamps of environmentally-friendly unbleached paper.

FIRST METHODIST CHURCH - NIGHT Jack heads for the front door. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH MEETING ROOM - NIGHT Jack stares at a group of men, including Bob, who are all listening to a group member speak at a lectern.

SPEAKER Well, she had her first child a month ago, a girl, with her new husband...

BATHROOM - JACK'S CONDO - NIGHT Jack sits on the toilet, CORDLESS PHONE to his ear, flips through an IKEA catalog.

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