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The sun had made it's way into the small canyon and had shown on me for the last two or three pans. A broken tip and a bent, loose handle was not worth the tip back (though my favorite trowel was... I collected a tiny cluster of amazonite crystals, two large hunks, and a half-shovel full of chips and points at the next hole, only twenty feet down the path!almost...)I walked down the road this time- I did not bush-wack up the hill like I had on all of my previous trips. It's been blocked off and converted to a hiking trail. The two larger pieces were about half the size of my hand and were simply pegmatite with a bunch of green and blue pieces growing out of them...The large piece is about .5 x 1.5 x .25 inches and shows some brilliant blue-green colour!It laid unexposed under a stack of pine debris.'stole a handful of small quartz points, to; none of the points showed too much colour.The sun was low when I got back to the truck- I had the treasure wrapped in an extra t-shirt.It was right at the point where I was getting the last of the warmest direct heat; The sky was a light gold.Nonetheless, photography has been, and will be personally rewarding for me.

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Sixteen miles later I arrived at the Spruce Grove campground. I spent an hour or so searching through the tailings of other's holes and left the cold claim empty-handed. I had not noticed them last night; The aspens were everywhere! The stuff was soul-warming and only complimented the warmth of that blinding morning sun.The veins are called pegmatites- coarse igneous rock with grains at least 2cm.Most pegmatites, including the ones around Lake George, are simply coarse granites- composed of quartz, mica and feldspar and hosting a range of exciting minerals and crystals. The mineral was once considered only to exist in a few spots in the llmen Mountains of Russia and was named after similar green stones found near the Amazon River. Today, two locations in Colorado: Lake George and Pikes peak, The Llmen Mountains and a possible locality in western Montana are the only places where the mineral is known to occur.The pans yielded about two hundred beautiful pomegranate-red garnets. I waited another half-hour for the last of the melted dew to roll off the side of the tent.Each one was had been cut and polished as if by some wise lapidary and none were larger than two carats or so- they'd been worked simply by the rushing creek. I took a photo of one of the most productive pans and gathered a few dozen of the largest stones... My jeans are rolled up and my two thick jackets exaggerated my chest and shoulders.. I packed up and decided to try my luck with the amazonite before I left town for the last time this trip. I stuffed a pair of orange pill-bottles into my pockets and grabbed a small hand shovel.I drove right through the ALMA mining district that Id read of.

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