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And they show Petrino and Dorrell claimed to have ended the intimate part of their relationship once it became clear she wanted to apply for a job under Petrino -- one he wanted her to "earn." She was hired on March 28 and has since resigned.

Long clearly was skeptical the affair was truly over, asking in his notes: "If the relationship was over, why get on (the) bike?

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He then wrote: "Kissed on lunch outing."It's unclear when the relationship turned sexual.

Long wrote a detailed list of contract violations Petrino had committed before meeting with the former coach to discuss them.

He included in his notes that he was still looking for Petrino to remain the Arkansas coach, despite those violations, and asked Petrino to "help me understand why these are not violations of your contract."However, Petrino's answers didn't provide Long with the ammunition he was looking for to keep the highly successful coach.

Long's notes, along with those of assistant athletic director Jon Fagg, were released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Associated Press.

The two interviewed Petrino, his assistant and others during the investigation that led to the coach's dismissal on April 10 -- nine days after the motorcycle crash that exposed their relationship.

Dorrell said the two had been intimate four to six times since around September, and the "last encounter" was around National Signing Day on Feb.

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