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He had also told his wife, Karen, something about the affairs.

He said there was a public interest in the off-field misbehaviour of highly-paid football stars.

'Footballers are role models for young people and undesirable behaviour on their part can set an unfortunate example,' said the Lord Chief Justice.

He is Gary Flitcroft, the 29-year-old captain of Blackburn Rovers.

Flitcroft, millionaire father of a seven-month-old daughter, spent £200,000 on his court battle to stop a Sunday newspaper publishing details of his secret relationships with a lapdancer and nursery nurse.

The researchers found that the large majority of women - 67 percent - were seeking affairs because they wanted more romantic passion, which always included sex."The most surprising finding is that none of the 100 women were looking to leave their husbands," Anderson added.

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